Tracking Anyone with Link Tracking

Unmask who the person is that is sending you text messages / Viber / Whatsapp / Facebook / Instagram messages and calls

Link Tracking & Usage

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There are many users of social media platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Whats app and much more that use these free services to haunt someone or make it their worst nightmare. Imagine being one of those victims. We at Devgears have found a solution. We can not only figure out who they are and how to stop them but, we also report it to whom ever purchases the solution. This is a excelent way to track down those that feel they have power of hiding behind a phone or computer to do as they please.

Create and Track URLs. There are many different domains your can use to customise your link to better fit your audience. To view the full list of domains, create a link and then click on "Customise". Use the form below to get insight on how it works from one of our experts.

What Link Tracking can do!

  • Create a anonomys link
  • Forward user to a new hylperlink from (setup link created by admin)
  • Once link clicked, "You" as admin of tool will get a notification
  • View all requested results from admin control
  • Gps, Phone number, phone details and email
  • As admin, you can also add as many sub admins


  • Unmask the intented user
  • Get all information "YOU" the admin request
  • Trace where user clicked the link
  • Get Phone intended users info
  • Locate GPS signal with Google Maps
  • Create unlimited links

Web-bassed Tracking application Images

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